Eshiko FAQs


What is ESHIKO™?

ESHIKO™ is a 100% hydrated silica refined at the smallest size possible, smaller than all the leading hydrated silica brands. We also infuse moisture to each hydrated silica nanospheres to prevent the number one problem among all leading hydrated silica brands – Dryness of the skin. Think of ESHIKO™ as a 100% hydrated silica with an upgrade, the best hydrated silica on the market today.


What does it do?

ESHIKO™ is used just like an ordinary face powder. However, due to hydrated silica’s innate properties of light refraction, it absorbs and disperses light in a manner that it gives an illusion of a glowing, smooth, refined and flawless skin. It visibly reduces pore size instantly upon application. ESHIKO™ also prevents excessive oil and sweat by absorbing oil and fluid 15 times its own weight. ESHIKO™ is hydrophilic, making your skin hydrated and supple. It is also lipophobic, it prevents oil and shine for the perfect matte finish for hours.


How should I use it?

ESHIKO™ should be applied after you moisturize your face. Using a kabuki brush or a powder sponge, apply ESHIKO™ just like your ordinary powder. You can use it alone or as a finisher after make-up.


Is it safe to use?

ESHIKO™ is 100% safe to use. You can read more about hydrated silica at this Wikipedia Article. Hydrated silica is recognized as safe by the FDA.


How much is the product?

The product is $39.50 USD and shipping is free. You can purchase thru PayPal, credit card or Western Union money transfer. Transactions are completely carried out online.


Do you deliver to my country? How long does delivery takes?

We deliver to any countries in the world. Delivery usually takes around 10 to 15 working days. We give you a tracking number so you can monitor your shipment online. The product will be delivered door to door and there is no hidden custom or delivery charges. The product will be discreetly sent, meaning, the content will not be divulged to protect your privacy. It will only bear your name and address.


My skin is acne prone, could I still use it?

Hydrated silica is beneficial to acne prone skin. It prevents comedone formation and absorbs excessive oil. ESHIKO™ is non comedegenic, meaning, it does not clog your pores.


could I use ESHIKO™ together with my topical medications?

There is no evidence that hydrated silica reacts to any topical medications like adapelene or tretinoin.


If I am not satisfied with the product, how does the 100-day money back works?

The 100-day money back guarantee begins when you started using the product. Not at the time you ordered. This is to make sure you have a 100-day risk free period of using our device. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want to make sure all clients who bought our product is 100% satisfied. If not, We will refund your full purchase back at your credit card or paypal account. Money back guarantee is not applicable with any corresponding promos. It is only applicable upon PayPal purchase of 29.50 USD. It is also not applicable in Western Union purchases. Kindly return to us the empty container with your full name and address for a refund.


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